Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World

Biogas production from animal wastes

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Turnkey Biogas Plant Installation

Pales Biogas represents and pioneers high quality from all of the organic wastes as it is the most well-equipped company in the sector in the field of Turnkey Biogas Plant Installation Combining high-tech equipment and advanced engineering applications to guarantee high and long-term efficiency and performance is the key element behind our sustainable success.

4,000 milking cow wastes per year

3,2 milyon

m3 biogas is produced

7,7 milyon

kWh electricity is produced


organic fertilizer can be produced


tons of CO2 emissions are prevented.


Turnkey Facility Installation

The turnkey installation service is not only a physical installation of the facility, but also a service with many background activities such as commissioning, acceptances and warranties

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Anahtar Teslimi Biygoaz Tesis Kurulumu

Basic and Detailed Engineering Services

This process includes 2-phase operation of the facility in the light of the data obtained after the preliminary engineering works and within the scope of the EPC contract signed. With the completion of these works, processes such as construction, procurement of equipment, installation, on-site manufacturing can be started and the most important step for the establishment of the facility is completed.

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Pre-Engineering Services

Various engineering studies are carried out in order to examine the details of the project site and its dynamics. Because of these studies, all the details about the project inputs and the project site are studied and all the analyzes of the project are made before the basic and detailed engineering studies.

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Project Development

This is the most critical phase of the project. The region that has a sufficient amount, the right, available, sustainable waste is determined by our experts.

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Project Management

We provide technical and financial support to the legal advisors of the investor in order to conclude contracts with all suppliers such as waste, technology, equipment and service suppliers.

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Biyogaz Hesaplama

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